Anti-corona card for fighting COVID-19


    Card to support your body in fighting the corona virus COVID-19.

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    Anti-corona card

    This product is about an anti-corona card helping your body to fight the corona COVID-19 virus.

    What the anti-corona card does

    The anti-corona card helps your body to fight the corona virus and at the same time to stimulate your bodies immune system.

    Why this product

    There are no traditional medicines available at the moment to fight the corona virus, so other options are needed. Such another option is Bioresonance. But it is practically impossible to connect everyone to a bioresonance device, unfortunately. Therefore, this anti-corona card solution is developed as an alternative.

    Principal of operation of the anti-corona card

    Bioresonance is the cards principal operation. Viruses and bacteria and such are killed by applying the exact resonance frequency of the pathogen.

    Bioresonance is best explained with an example

    A wine glass has its own particular frequency. And it has this frequency due to its form and material. You know the sound the glass produces when you go around the edge of the glass with a wet finger. This sound is the resonance frequency of the glass.

    The glass breaks when a singer sings exactly this resonance frequency. As the glass is brought into resonance, the vibration will become stronger and stronger till there comes a moment the glass breaks. Likewise pathogens will be killed when exposed to their resonance frequency. In a nutshell this is what bioresonance is about.

    What the anti-corona card contains

    – The card contains the frequencies of the basic Corona COVID-19 virus, but it is also loaded with all the frequencies of all the mutants of the virus currently available (24-3-2020). So the effect is much broader and effective this way.

    – The card also contains frequencies to stimulate the immune system to help the body fight the virus.
    – The frequency for Vitamin C is added. Vitamin C plays an important role in battling viruses.
    – The information is removed that the virus would leave behind in our system. For this purpose, the QR-code is added.
    – The QR-code also describes the usage of the card.
    – The symbol has the purpose to let the body recognize the virus and so can take action sooner.

    For whom

    – For if you have the Corona virus.
    – If you don’t have Corona yet and don’t want to get sick. The sooner the virus is battled after getting in contact with it, the less change the virus will get to really infect you.
    – You just want support for your immune system.

    We must be realistic. The current measurements like the lock downs are not meant for preventing us from getting the virus, but to prevent we get the virus all at the same time. Expectations are that in the end 70 till 80% of the population will get in contact with the virus.

    The cards effect

    Customers using the first version of the card gave as feedback:
    – More air and more energy already in a few hours. Interestingly this feedback also comes from customers not having corona at all.
    – Feeling better in a few days from customers infected with corona.
    – People testing it with pendulum or such, that the card is very useful to them.
    For reviews of customers of the new version of the card, look at the bottom of this page.

    When infected with the virus, the symptoms can become worse at first after applying the card. As a Herxheimer reaction can occur when too many virus cells are killed in a short time and the body can’t remove the debris fast enough. As such it is of course a sign that something happens.

    Why this new version of the card

    The first (green) version of the card is good. But there was room for improvement.
    The procedure to make the cards has changed. Although it now takes more effort and time to make the cards, the result is rewarding, an even (much) better card.

    The colour of the card is changed, as orange tested to be better. Also a symbol is added, to let the virus to be recognised sooner by the body. But above all, this new card contains much more frequencies now, as all currently available frequencies of the mutants of the virus are added. Further a carrier material is added to strengthen the loaded energy, this results in more than doubling the power compared to the first version of the card. Also, this will make the card even more durable.

    Customers who bought the first version of the card, received the new one for free as a thank you for their trust and their helpful feedback.


    Is the anti-corona card only for COVID-19

    The card is made especially for COVID-19. Still, also customers not having corona or other obvious problems seem to benefit from the card.
    Besides, the enforcement of the immune system will also help with other pathogens of course.

    How the anti-corona card is made

    The cards are made piece by piece by hand, as there is no way to automate this. The card itself has 3 layers of material that are sealed together to form the card.
    The loading of the frequencies of all currently known mutants of the virus alone onto the carrier material takes about 9.5 hours with the bioresonance device.

    Size of the card

    The anti-corona card has the size of a credit card.

    Usage of the anti-corona card

    Keep the card in a pocket of your trousers or such. Or even better is a breast pocket or bra, as the virus comes in through the respiratory tract.
    Like wise, you can hang it on a cord around your neck, as suggested by several customers. Therefore, the left transparent side of the new card is made bigger. You now can make a hole in this part of the card to put a cord through, but stay out of the colored part of the card. Because punching the coloured part of the card makes the card sensitive to moisture.

    Put the card under your pillow, this way you will benefit from the card also at night. Some customers noticed improvement of their sleep.

    Please keep carrying the card for at least another month after you had the virus, although you are feeling better! This is to make sure that all information of the virus will be removed from your body.

    If you are infected, additionally you could attach a card to a bottle of at least a liter water, or just put a can of water on it, and drink this water during the day. Then fill it up with water again and let this stay over night for the next day, so the water gets energised.

    Don’t put the anti-corona card into water, do not expose to heat or direct sunlight and keep it out of the washing-machine! As the card may lose its power.

    User’s first impressions of the new version of the card

    “This new card feels much better than the old card. It’s more complete. What I experience is that we get disconnected from the corona information field. This gives our body an easier recovery and the fear for the virus disappears.”

    “This new card tests very well, my bio-tensor shows maximum pour out!”

    Available since

    March 27 2020


    Customer Reviews

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    Review for Corona Card
    Guardian Angel

    As my life is a mess in this moment due to a very sick partner, I wear the card as my guardian angel. It gives me the feeling of being protected against more trouble. So Marcel you have helped me more than you can imagine.

    Review for Corona Card
    Thank you

    Thank you Marcel, for the orange card.

    Have tested it out, and my bio-tensor measured the energy very well. I am happy with it.

    This is also what I want to share with everybody.

    Had a question for the Akasha Cronicles about what happens in the world besides the virus. And this answer I got:

    “There will come a different way of life that will work better and more humane for humanity, but that will take a long time before it will be completely realised. This can make people panicked, because they see their own “business” change and experience change of income. Keep calm under all circumstances, because the end result will be good for everyone.”

    Review for Corona Card
    Air and Energy

    Recieved the cards in good order. After placing it on my chest immediately felt energy through my body to my legs. A few minutes later I gained air, was no longer out of breath (which I found scary last couple of weeks). Then I had energy which I haven’t had for a very long time! Felt sick and worried before.

    Our girl (4 years old) slept with her own card under her pillow and slept the whole night through. She has not done this in a very long time either.

    Wearing the card in my bra. Our son and my partner put the card in their breast pocket. Our daughter is happy to wear the neckless we made for her.

    I know Marcel for about a year, he has done something incredible again. Thank you!


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