Corona COVID-19 Card

Anti Corona Card
Corona Card
Shown card is uncharged

We have developed this card and put into it all what we could think off what might help in supporting the self healing functionality of the body.


  • Bio resonance frequencies used to destroy the COVID-19 virus
  • Bio resonance frequencies to stimulate the immune system
  • The energy of these frequencies are amplified to make them more powerful
  • Information to erase the information of the virus in the system
  • A symbol to help the body to recognize the virus and therefore to act sooner
  • Information about the use is in the QR-code
    As we have to make costs and put time and effort in producing these cards, piece by piece by hand, we have to charge €25,- for this card.

    Measuring the energetic power of this card, the card has about 26.000 BE.
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    Free solutions you can create yourself


    Anti Corona Symbol
    Anti Corona Symbol

    Anti Corona symbol

    This symbol is found on the internet and can be used to put a can of water onto it. Then drink 2 glasses of the water per day per person.
    The symbol is charging the water. The idea is that the body will be more willing to fight the virus.

    Measuring the energetic power, this symbol seems to have about 6.400 BE.


    Anti-corona circle
    Anti-corona circle

    Anti-Corona circle

    This solution is also going around on Whatapp.
    The left circle is made bigger and is put somewhere in your house and contains your name.
    Just one name! So for more people make a circle per person.
    The other circle with the frequencies are smaller and should be carried on the body.

    Measuring the energetic power, this symbol seems to have about 4.600 BE.